Moving Checklist

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Here are some tips to ensure your move will go smoothly.

(For advice on protecting valuables, see the Packing Tips page.)

Before moving day

  • Clear out unwanted possessions — hold a garage sale.
  • Get rid of flammables — paint, gas, propane cylinders, etc.
  • Empty fuel from mowers, clippers, trimmers, etc.
  • Clothing — consider donating no-longer-used items.
  • Weed out your book collection — donate, family reading, valuable.
  • Check electrical goods — will they work in the new home?
  • Start a list of people and businesses to notify about your change of address.
  • Arrange to have mail forwarded.
  • Schedule termination dates and transfers of service for electricity, gas, oil, telephone, Internet, cable TV, etc.
  • For stereos and other valuable electrics, see if you have the original boxes.
  • Have rugs cleaned.
  • If you’re moving with children, set aside cherished toys they’ll want to travel with.
  • Round up personal documentation — marriage and birth certificates, driver’s licenses, etc. If moving internationally, keep passports separate so they won’t be packed.
  • For international moves, check import regulations and the duties if you plan to take a car.
  • Make sure pets have current vaccinations and documentation.
  • Will your new home be ready? If not, arrange for temporary storage.
  • Start learning about your new neighborhood – shops, schools, theaters, lifestyles.
  • Start using frozen items.
  • Close or transfer bank accounts, savings, etc., if necessary.

Moving Checklist – What to Do Before You Move

Print and follow this chronological checklist to spread your move out over time and enjoy a worry-free moving day.

12 weeks before you move, have you …

  • Chosen your mover and signed the acceptance note?
  • Sorted through your basement, loft and garage?
  • Decided how you’ll move your pets? (See Moving With Pets.)

10 weeks before your move, have you

  • Disposed of items you won’t be taking?

8 weeks before you move, have you …

  • Prepared your change of address mailing list?
  • Notified banks, credit card companies, magazine publishers, Internet and cable providers, rental companies, etc.?

6 weeks before you move, have you …

  • Made a list of favorite toys that children will want to have on moving day?
  • Arranged to have your mail forwarded?
  • Decided whether to buy new furniture, appliances, etc.?

4 weeks before you move, have you …

  • Started to dismantle garden climbing frames and garden furniture?
  • Agreed to an insurance value and terms with your mover?
  • Made arrangements for connection of utilities at your new home?
  • Returned library books?
  • Newspapers?
  • Found new homes for plants you won’t be taking?

7 days before your move, have you …

  • Defrosted the refrigerator/freezer?
  • Planned simple meals for moving day to avoid using appliances?
  • Separated luggage you’ll need for personal items?
  • Cleaned garden tools, bicycles, gardening equipment, etc.?
  • Emptied the gas tanks of power tools and mowers?
  • Arranged for someone to look after the children on moving day?

Moving day …

  • Relax.

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