Moving Supplies

Ann’s Family Moving Supplies & Packing Materials

Use only strong, corrugated cartons with covers. We can supply you with specially made packing cartons for everything from mattresses to clothing and mirrors. The mover-provided cartons offer greater protection against damage than poor-quality packing materials.

An alternative is to collect boxes discarded by grocery or liquor stores. Save old newspapers for use in packing, but remember that ink may rub off and stain clothing or other items.

WARNING: Insect eggs and insects such as roaches can travel in food boxes. Keep this in mind when getting boxes from food stores.

Here’s a handy checklist of packing supplies:

  • Plastic bags (and stick-on labels for easy identification).
  • Foam peanuts, pellets, or “popcorn.”
  • Tissue or craft paper for packing delicate items.
  • Corrugated paper rolls for china figurines and other fragile items.
  • Gummed tape (1 1/2 to 2 inches wide) and/or strong twine for reinforcing and sealing cartons.
  • Markers and labels for identifying carton contents.
  • Notebook and pencil for keeping a carton identification log.
  • Scissors and/or sharp knife.
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