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As a moving company, we take pride in our services. We’re touched when customers take the time to thank us for our help.

Date: November 28, 2009
Subject: My thanks

Please pass this email along to anyone that you think would be interested in reading it.
May I take this opportunity to thank you and the driver Carlos Rivera and his son for such wonderful and professional service.

All of my things were delivered yesterday in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Carlos kept in touch with me the entire time and it helped to coordinate this delivery. They took such care of my boxes and my clock and I cannot thank them enough. It was very special cargo.

I appreciate all your staff did in organizing this for me. Again, my sincere thanks to Carlos and his son.

Marie Mancini

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009
From: patricia lawler
Subject: Your great movers

Thanks so much to Dave and his helper for picking up and delivering, all in one piece – no breakage – my 23 boxes and furniture…. Everything was put where I had asked them to put them.

Thanks again for a very smooth ride and lots of TLC to my furnishings.

Pat Lawler

Sent: Friday, October 16, 2009
Subject: Email from Margery Langner

I received my shipment yesterday, and I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your service; from the first phone calls of inquiry, to the pick up, to the delivery. Everything was as it should have been. All my items were received, in good condition, and ahead of schedule. The driver was efficient, careful and polite. Your price was fair, and did not change from the estimated quote. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who asked.

Thanks again for a very stress-free move.

Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010
From: Cathey D.
Subject: Re: Shipment Received

Doug & Danni,

Good morning. I wanted to make you aware that your driver showed  up and delivered all of my items this morning. I have not had a chance to go through all of the boxes yet, but everything looks intact.

I also wanted to comment on how courteous the driver and his assistance were. Again, I was impressed.

Thank you both for all of your assistance and time. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for future customers…. I have had a very good experience.

Please have a wonderful day! – Cathey Davis
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009
Name: Reed Van Rozeboom

I just wanted to inform you that we recently used [your services] to move our company office (Petrol Designs, LLC). We were extremely pleased with the professional demeanor of our movers and the efficiency with which they worked. Heriveto (sp?) and Roberto did an outstanding job and we would certainly use your services again. Thanks!

Reed Van Rozeboom
COO & Partner
Petrol Designs, LLC
From: Jeff Middleswart
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009
Subject: Marc Wallmark is great

Marc picked up my stuff…and was by far the most thorough and conscientious mover I’ve ever dealt with. Absolutely everything was wrapped better than when it came out of the factory box. He arrived on time both pick up and delivery. All boxes, wrappings, were moved in quickly and all accounted for. I do not see a hint of damage on anything at this point. I expected him to be cleaning the boxes.

Great guy for your group. Hope you treat him well

Jeff Middleswart
Dallas Texas
Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Subject: Email from Luke Cirkovic

Wanted to send a quick note to pay compliments to the moving experience I just had. Danni was a pleasure to work with coordinating the move and to end it all Eric & Sergio were fantastic this past weekend on the delivery date; professional all around.

Big thanks…and would recommend you as well as continue services needed in the future,


Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009
From: Brad.Johnson
To: Jay Clitheroe, Jerry Cassidy
Subject: Re: Move

After dealing with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, the gas company, electric company, water company and the cable company we then had to deal with the movers. Clearly this

was just another hassle that we would have to put up with. Imagine my surprise when we finally worked with a company that did exactly what they said they would do and on top of everything else (and perhaps more importantly) did it with a genuine interest in the client.

Good work should be acknowledged, superior work commended.

Fred, Ernesto and Michael showed up right at 8 a.m. and after a quick tour of the house set to work immediately. Moving the stuff out of the house went as smoothly as I had hoped but I

knew the real torture lay ahead at the new house. After arriving at the new house we showed them were we wanted things moved and whereas I would have been cursing my bad luck at seeing the stairs and relatively tight spaces they, with good humor no less, began to bring item after item in. When my wife and I cringed at the thought of carrying the unbelievably heavy items up the stairs we would hear them actually laughing (it was either that or cry).

Everyone I have dealt with…has been professional and more importantly has simply conveyed a positive outlook but I wish to specifically commend Fred, Ernesto and Michael for doing a superior job. It is honest hard labor (something I think we all need to be reminded of occasionally) and I stand in awe of their ability to remain upbeat while doing this punishing work.

Thank you,


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